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The human psyche is a great reservoir of possibility and hope as well as mystery and struggle in moving through life. In psychotherapy we work with a thoughtful balance between conscious and unconscious motivations, needs, and conflicts in a way that respects the integrity of the self.


Psychotherapy is a process that includes healing, recovery, personal growth, and movement towards wholeness in coping with life’s challenges. Therapy helps people recover from traumatic and stressful situations and symptoms, promotes strengths, and helps a person make sense of life events.


When do people typically seek therapy?: When the old mechanisms for coping or when attempts to block important emotional material no longer work. This often occurs after a stressful life event or a general feeling of dissatisfaction with life overall. The current fast-paced, wired world in which we now live can also add layers of distress, fear, confusion, overwhelm, and isolation. The therapy process honors both the external and internal aspects of a person's life that create their own push-pull on the psyche and in relationships with others.


On the journey in life, the quality of connectedness with others, a sense of purpose and meaning, the capacity for resilience, and the ability to transcend conflicts and distressing events are key in having a life worth living. Inner space is the final frontier. 

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