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How much time do you spend with clients?

I spend about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes in the initial therapy meeting. Subsequent visits are the standard 45-50 psychotherapy hour.

How would you describe your office environment?

I’ve been in the same executive office suite for about 12 years. New clients often comment in the first meeting how comfortable the space is. They like the convenient location and private, quiet area. The building is ADA approved and in a safe part of town. Parking is convenient. The office is part of an executive suite. I have a virtual assistant who helps with billing.

How do you respond to client concerns and questions?

In every initial therapy meeting, I ask clients if they have any questions as well as if I’ve answered their questions. I ask if what I am saying matches what they are looking for in their therapy quest. I think people appreciate this. I also give each new client an Office Policies and Procedures form that explains, describes, and seeks informed consent about the various aspects of the psychotherapy experience. In addition, I think it’s important to ask clients on a regular basis if the direction we’re going makes sense to them and if I’m understanding them correctly. It is part of what makes psychotherapy relational and collaborative.

How do I know this therapist is the best choice for me?

Licensed psychologists are trained both in conducting psychotherapy at the highest level of competency as well as reliance on and ability to interpret current research and standards of practice in the professional community.


In psychotherapy, there are different theoretical orientations and individual therapist styles. A treatment modality that works for one client may not necessarily work for another client. What might frustrate or upset one client may even help another.


Numerous studies in professional psychology have also repeatedly shown that the therapist-client match is one of the most significant factors in determining successful therapy outcomes. My hope is that, early on in the process, I would be able to answer any questions and explain how I work in a way that helps ensure a good therapist-client match.

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